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Agility Classes

To register for classes click on "Registration Calendar" button below.  You will need to sign up with the calendar to have access to class registrations. Once you have signed up, click on the class you would like to register in. Then click the "New Booking" button in the bottom left corner of the class to add your name to the class list. If a class is full you can choose to add your name to the waitlist for that class.

Pre-Agility Level 1

Start Dates:  Thursday, August 1 at 3:45pm (no class August 15)
                Thursday, August 1 at 8:30pm (no class August 15)
$220+tax for six weeks

Teach your puppy or dog the important foundation behaviours needed for a long and successful career in agility.  Skills like tight turns, jump skills, automatic down on the table, nose targeting, foundation behaviours for 2 on 2 off and/or running contacts, start line stays, shaping exercises to create a thinking dog, flatwork for handling crosses and advanced handling moves will all be taught.  We will also work on body awareness exercises, and building motivation and drive in your future agility dog.

This class is safe for puppies as young as 12 weeks of age. 

Pre Agility Level 2

Start Date: TBA
$220+tax for six weeks

Is your puppy too young for Agility Level 1? Or would you prefer a solid flatwork foundation before progressing? Pre Agility Level 2 is for your dog! This class will continue to build on the foundation exercises taught in Pre Agility Level 1. We will also work on jump grids including set point, straight line, slice and bend grids. Dogs will work on tunnel behaviours, adding new jump skills, teach crate games for self control, and more flatwork exercises for a successful agility superstar.

Agility Level 1

Start Date:   
                   Wednesday, July 24 at 8:30pm
                   Thursday, August 1 at 1:15pm (no class August 15)
                   Saturday, September 7 at 12:30pm                    
$220 +tax for six weeks

Get ready for some fun!  The agility level 1 class will focus on teaching your dog agility obstacles, with a focus on safety and correct performance of each obstacle for a successful career in agility.   The dog and handler will begin performing short sequences of 3-6 obstacles in a row. Your dog will learn jumps, tunnels, the tire, the table, and lowered aframe, dogwalk and teeter.

This class is for dogs at least 7 months of age and dogs who have basic obedience skills.

Agility Level 2

Start Dates:  
                     Tuesday, July 23 at 7:15pm
                    Wednesday, July 24 at 3:45pm    
                    Wednesday, July 24 at 7:15pm
                    Saturday, September 7 at 11:15am 
$220+tax for six weeks

Lets start changing directions!  You and your dog will learn how to perform front, rear and blind crosses for change of directions on course.  You will also begin to work on wraps and Kturns for tight turns and 180 degree changes of direction.  You and your dog will be running longer sequences of up to 10 obstacles in a row.

This class is appropriate for dogs who have completed the level 1 class or a similar class. 

Agility Level 3

Start Dates:  Tuesday, July 23 at 6:00pm
                    Wednesday, July 24 at 2:30pm
                   Wednesday, July 24 at 6:00pm
$200+tax for six weeks

Let's add a few more moves!  You and your dog will continue to work on your different crosses as well as learn some new handling moves.   Obstacle discrimination, verbal flip away on contacts, tunnel threadles, backsides of tunnels and serpentines will be introduced.

This class is appropriate for dogs that can sequence up to 10 obstacles in a row, and for handlers who have an understanding of front, rear, blind crosses and tight turns (jump wraps).

Agility Level 4

Start Dates:  Tuesday, July 23 at 3:45pm
                    Monday, July 29 at 8:30pm (no class August 5th)
$200+tax for six weeks

It's time to get fancy!  This class will teach you advanced handling moves for today's courses. You will continue to perfect the skills learned in level 3, as well as learn how to perform threadles, threadle rears, backside wraps, push back serpentines, push back blinds and come to side (flappy tappy)

This class is appropriate for dogs that can sequence up to 10 obstacles in a row, and for handlers who have a strong understanding of the level 3 skills.

Starters/Advanced Coursework

Start Dates: Tuesday, July 23 at 1:15pm
                    Monday, July 29 at 6:00pm (no class August 5)
$200+tax for six weeks

It's time to test your skills on full courses! This class will have you and your dog running full starters/advanced type courses with 18-22 obstacles.  Every week is a new course incorporating the skills learned from the level 2 and level 3 classes. Feedback will be given on the best handler path to take, reading the dog's line, proper timing of handling moves, what handling option is best in each scenario, etc.

Prerequisite: Dogs must have completed and be proficient in level 3 skills.  It is recommended that dogs are weaving 12 poles

Excellent/Masters Coursework

Start Dates: Tuesday, July 23 at 2:30pm

                  Monday, July 29 at 7:15pm (no class August 5th)


$200+tax for six weeks

Novice courses too easy? Lets step it up a notch with excellent/masters style courses!   The weekly courses will include skills learned in level 3 and level 4 with an emphasis on level 4 skills.  Feedback will be given on the best handler path to take, reading the dog's line, proper timing of handling moves, what handling option is best in each scenario, etc.

Prerequisite: Dogs must have completed and be proficient on level 4 skills, weave 12 poles and completed the starters/advanced coursework or a similar class


Start Date: Thursday, August 1 at 2:30pm (no class August 15)

$220+tax for six weeks

Teach your dog this important piece of equipment in a class dedicated to this skill.  You will learn how to train the weave poles using the 2 x 2 method. We will also begin proofing our weave skills by varying the approach to the obstacle, distance from the weaves, obstacles performed before and after weave poles, etc.

Contacts and Weaves

Start Dates:
                   Monday, July 29 at 4:45 (no class August 5th)
                  Tuesday, July 23 at 8:30pm
$220+tax for six weeks

Contact performance breaking down in competition? Can't hit those difficult weave entries? Each lesson will include half the class dedicated to working difficult weave entries, and handling approaches into and out of the poles. The remainder of the class will work on proofing and teaching a solid understanding of contact criteria.  Distance from obstacles, proofing motion, difficult angles will all be worked. Dogs must be sequencing 12 weave poles to attend this class.

Jump Foundations

Start Date:  
                Monday, August 26 at 12:15pm (no class Sept 2)
$220+tax for six weeks

Jumpwork is a key skill for any agility dog. Jumps make up the largest portion of obstacles of any agility competition class. However, they are often the most undertrained obstacle from a jumping skill perspective. Course design and handling has progressed such that jumping is often a very difficult skill on many courses. This class will work through the foundation jump grids and the progressions associated with each. If you are interested in providing your dog with a solid education in jumping that will serve him well for the rest of his agility training and competing career this class is for you.

This class is suitable for dogs 6 months of age and older (large/giant breeds 8 month and older). Please note, young dogs will be working with bumps rather than jump bars so they will not be jumping any height until they are age appropriate.

Advanced Jumping

Start Date:  Monday, August 26 at 11:00am (no class Sept 2)
                  Thursday, August 8 at 6:00pm
$220+tax for six weeks

Continue your dog's jumping education with the Advanced Jumping class. Teach your dog more complex jump grids for extension, collection, turns, take off points etc. Each week we will work through a variety of jump grids. With over 100 different grids to work on, your dog can stay in this class for multiple sets and never see the same grid twice!

Gamble Skills Level 1

Start Date: TBA
$220+tax for six weeks

Teach your dog the four skills needed for successful distance work:  drive a line of obstacles away from the handler, move laterally away from the handler to take an obstacle, flip away from the handler and continue in the opposite direction and run parallel with the hander at a distance.  Skills will be taught using jumps and tunnels.

Gamble Skills Level 2

Start Date: Wednesday, July 24 at 1:15pm
$220+tax for six weeks

In this class we will take the skills learned in level one and apply them to advanced/masters style gamble challenges. Distance challenges will also include contact obstacles and weave poles. 

Agility League

Start Date: Friday, August 9th *no class August 16* (will be 5 weeks long for this set only. $125+tax for the five weeks)
                  $150+tax for six weeks 
                Saturday, September 7th at 9:30am (6 weeks for $150+tax)

The league will run for six weeks with each week offering a different game to play (ie: steeplechase, jumpers, gamble, tunnellers, snooker, points & distance). This is a great chance to come out and play a bunch of different games in a fun match type setting.

This is not an instructional class, but instead a chance to practice your skills with a bit of friendly competition.

Dogs and handlers should be weaving 12 poles and have attended the Starters/Advanced Coursework class  (or a similar class).