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Hyper Hounds EVENTS!

Workshops and Fun Matches

Nail Trim Workshop 

Saturday, TBA at 2:00pm



In this workshop you will learn the skills needed to teach your dog not only how to happily cooperate with nail trims but how to be an active participant in the activity. Less stress for your dog and less stress for you! Please note there is no actual clipping of nails in this class. The workshop is for teaching foundation behaviours and cooperative compliance for future nail trimming sessions with your dog.



Taught by Donia Roorda

The BarkSide Workshops


Tricks Workshops

2 hours


No experience necessary for either workshop.

Teach your dog a variety of fun tricks that will impress your friends! Tricks can be used towards earning your Trick Dog titles with Do More With Your Dog & the CKC! This intense workshop will include tricks like: 

Tricks 1

Saturday, March 9 at 6:45pm-8:45pm FULL

Trick List 1


Wave/High 5

Leg Weave

Walking Between the Legs (forwards and backwards)

Front Paw Targeting


Rear Paw Targeting

Back Up

Sit Pretty

Jump Over the Arms


Tricks 2    

Saturday, TBA 


Saturday, March 23 


Trick List 2

Take a Selfie

Jump Over the Leg

Jump Through Hoop or Arms

Dog Catch

Say Your Prayers

Roll Over/Play Dead

Take a Bow


Head Down

Dance (stand on back legs)

Weave Through Legs (Figure 8)


Taught by Romy from The BarkSide

Teeter Workshop

Saturday, March 16 2 spots left



Can be repeated to continue working on teeter skills taught in a previous session.

Taught by Romy from The BarkSide

Movie Dog Workshop

Saturday, March 23 3 spots left


Lassie, The Littlest Hobo, Balto, Togo, and Sassy. What do these great names have in common? They're all animal actors. Household names of animals who made an impact on our lives through film and television.


Have you ever wondered what it takes for animals to become actors? Discover the world of animal training for movies, tv series, photo shoots and commercials. We discuss training fundamentals for animal actors, as well as why some animals are best suited for specific tasks.


In this 2 hr workshop, you and your dog will learn the key behaviors that animal stars use on set and how to break it down during training.


Taught by Bark Side. Romy and Alex have handled multiple dogs in commercials, movies, television shows and more. Some of their credits include: 

The Last of Us, Bleve

Wilderness, Bleve

American Girl - corinne tan, bleve

Billy The Kid, creature

8-Bit Christmas, tinsel

Mark's Work Warehouse commercial, sprite

Canada Day Co-op commercial, bleve

The Incredible Dog Challenge sprite

Science of cats and dogs,

sprite, bleve, tinsel 

Heartland, sprite

Gamble Workshop





Learn the agility game of Gamblers. Game rules, strategies, and course planning will all be covered in this workshop. Beginner and advanced handlers welcome.

Taught by Sarah Novak


Advanced Weave Proofing Workshop




For dogs that are weaving 12 poles.

Taught by Sarah Novak


Agility Single Session Class

Monday, TBA



Masters Handling


Starters Handling

Donia instructing


Urban Locate Workshop





This workshop will introduce you and your dog to the fun game of Urban Locating by NASDA.

The purpose of the Urban Level is to simulate the work of both historic and modern urban hunting dogs. The fundamental features of the Urban Locating working tests are to show the dog’s ability to locate a quarry (gerbil in our case) in a human environment.  These environments can be indoors our outdoors and may include urban parks, a street, a developed garden space, a warehouse, working barn, etc. 

Taught by Amie Barnes


CWAGS Scent Fun Match

Date: TBA

Dogs and Handlers are encouraged to dress in pink and red and/or Valentines themed attire. Prizes will be awarded for the best outfit/costume!


Both groups will run 3 searches back to back.


Group 1 


1. CWAGS Level 3 (3 hides, 1 known distractor)

2. Ranger 2 (1 hide, distance from handler is 10-12 ft)

3. Ranger 3 (2 hides, 1 known distractor, distance from handler is 10-12 ft)

*For the ranger searches, handlers are welcome to cross the distance line to help their dog if needed to ensure success*

Group 2 



1.CWAGS Level 4 (4 hides, 1 optional unknown distractor)

2. Detective Diversions (2 hides, 4 unknown distractors)

3. Private Investigator (unknown hides (number between 1-4), no distractors)


$30+tax for 3 searches.

Odours are birch, cypress, clove and anise

Run by Stephanie (Sunday night scent instructor and CWAGS judge)


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