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Litter Plans

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Pictures of puppies born at Hyper Hounds

Our Philosophy

We take great care to ensure that all our puppies get the best start in life. It begins with extensive health testing on our girls and choosing males who have also passed all their health clearances. We screen for normal hips, elbows, knees, eyes, thyroid, Von Willenbrand and more.

Correct temperament and structure is also very important to us when making breeding plans. We only breed Shelties who have confident and outgoing personalities and correct structure that meets the CKC breed standard. We strive to produce dogs that can walk into any ring with confidence and work all day giving their handler 110% for every task asked of them.

We make sure our puppies get the most out of their first 9 weeks with us. We begin by performing the early neurological stimulation (AKA Bio Sensory) program starting at three days of age. This program has been shown to produce puppies who are physically healthier and stronger and who have a greater tolerance to stress. Once the ENS program is completed we then begin the Puppy Culture program. This program is all about early socialization and creating confident, well adjusted puppies. Our puppies will experience different noises (we play sound CD's with noises such as construction equipment, animals, gun shots, babies crying, agility trial noises, etc), different surfaces, novel objects, car rides, problem solving activities and much more. They will also be introduced to a clicker, begin tug/toy drive, crate training, and handling for grooming. Our puppies are raised in our kitchen for the entire 9 weeks they spend with us and they will have had many many different visitors of different ages and appearances by the time they go home to their new families.

We take great care to make sure our puppies are matched with the most appropriate home. We do not have a first pick or a last pick system. We take names on our wait list and when the puppies are old enough to get a good idea of personality and abilities we will then match the puppy with the best fit for them. Because our puppies are very active and high drive, priority will go to performance homes. However, we occasionally have a puppy who would prefer to be a lap dog instead, these puppies will be matched with a loving pet home.

If you are interested in providing a loving and active home for one of our puppies please fill out the questionnaire below. Please note that filing out the questionnaire does not guarantee you a puppy or a spot on our wait list. The questionnaire is a chance for us to get to know you better.


Email Address*

Phone Number*


Number of adults in home & number and age of children*

Why do you want a Sheltie?*

Have you ever owned a Sheltie? What's your experience with the breed?*

What are your current pets and ages?*

Do you have a gender preference?*

What personality traits are you looking for in a puppy?

How long will your puppy be left alone?*

Do you have plans in place for when your puppy needs to be left for more than 6 hours?*

What activities would you like to do with your Sheltie?*

What titles or accomplishments have you achieved with current or past dogs?

Please describe your training methods and philosophies*

What seminars, books or training videos have you attended or read?*

Do you own your home? If not do you have your landlord's permission to get a puppy?*

Have you ever rehomed a pet? If so why?*

Are you interested in co ownership?*

Is there anything else you would like to tell us about yourself or your dream puppy?

Are you aware of your city's pet bylaws? How many pets does your community allow?*

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