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Seminars & Workshops 

Below you will find a list of upcoming mini workshops and full weekend seminars for a variety of activities.

Intro to Gamble Skills Workshop



Teach your dog the skills needed for distance handling for the games of AAC Gamblers and CKC Points and Distance!

Dogs and handler will learn the "go on" cue (driving a line away from the handler), "get out" (a lateral push away from the handler), and "switch" (direction change away from the handler).  We will discuss how to handler distance sequences for consistency and understanding for your dog.  Skills will be practised on several novice distance sequences.

Jump and tunnels only will be used for this workshop. This workshop is ideal for any dog that has taken a level 2 agility class or higher.

All About Threadles Workshop

Friday, October 4th

This workshop's focus is on threadles!  What are they, how to teach them to your dog, how to cue them properly on course and proofing exercises.  We will work through a number of short threadle sequences to help you and your dog understand this advanced handling move.  Jumps and tunnels only will be used. 

Tunnel Drills Workshop


This workshop will teach you and your dog all the different handling and proofing exercises you can do on one tunnel. We will work cue proofing, blind tunnel entries, tunnel serps, backsides of tunnels, threadles and more.

Advanced/Master Gamble Workshop


Work on improving your distance skills on advanced/masters level challenges. Contacts and weaves will be included in the gamble sequences.

Bend Grids Continued

Thursday, September 19 

A continuation of the 5 bend jumping grid teaching a number of variations to this grid.  Participants need to have attended the jumping foundations class or be approved by instructor Paula Collins to attend.

Puppy Jump Grids

Wednesday, September 18 from 6:00pm-9:00pm*2 spots left*
Thursday, September 26 from 1:30pm-4:30pm

Teach your future agility star proper jumping mechanics in our puppy jumping workshop.  Puppies will be introduced to the set point, slice, bend and equal distance grids.  Grids help teach dogs how to jump with proper form, how to read take off points, how to bend and stay on a lead for turns, how to judge distances between jumps.  Puppies should be at least 5 months of age to attend and understand the Sit cue.

Snakes and Ladders (UKI Games Explained)

Wednesday, September 25 

Learn how to play UKI's Snakes and Ladders game.  Rules and strategies will be discussed. Participants will run two different courses. Dogs need to be running full courses and weaving 12 poles to attend.

Jessica Patterson
Agility Coaching Workshops

 November 15-17 2019! 

November details:

$200+tax per session
$50+tax to audit a sessions (free auditing if you have a working spot in a session) 

All the sessions are different from each other.  Participants are welcome to register for more than one session  

details coming soon


Scent Detection Trial Prep

Saturday, September 21
Novice: 3:30pm-5:00pm
Open: 5:00pm
$20+tax for interior, exterior and container search. 

Novice and Open trial prep. Interior, Exterior and container searches.  Feedback given on searches. $20 for the three searches. 
Hosted by Kelly Ladouceur, CKC, AKC and CWAGS scent detection judge

Intro to Canine Conditioning & Fitness


This mini workshop will introduce you and your dog to a variety of exercises that you can do at home to increase flexibility, strength and build muscle in your canine companion and athlete. 

Taught by Paula Collins, Fitpaws Master trainer and currently completing her CCFT (Certified Canine Fitness Coach) through the University of Tennessee.