Hyper Hounds Dog Training     

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Seminars & Workshops 

Intro to Canine Conditioning & Fitness

Friday, May 24th *FULL* (names can be added to the waitlist directly on the registration calendar)

This mini workshop will introduce you and your dog to a variety of exercises that you can do at home to increase flexibility, strength and build muscle in your canine companion and athlete. 

Taught by Paula Collins, Fitpaws Master trainer and currently completing her CCFT (Certified Canine Fitness Coach) through the University of Tennessee.

Recognizing & Handling Lines in Agility

Sunday, May 26
6 hour workshop!!!  9:00am-4:00pm
$220+tax for a working spot (register on "registration calendar) limited to 8 working spots
$100+tax for an audit spot (unlimited spots. email [email protected])

Lines, what's the big deal? Have you run a course and afterwards thought, hmm, my dog didn't see that line very well? Or your dog missed an obstacle you thought they would see. Or they had to make a big correction to their line to make it to the next obstacle. This 6 hour workshop is all about teaching the handler how to look at courses and see the true line the dog is likely to take and making the best handling decisions to negotiate them.  Join Paula Collins, an agility judge and competitor, in learning how to see these and what to do about it for your dog.  The seminar will include a classroom portion and a hands on portion for optimal learning and understanding for the handler.

Intro to Gamble Skills Workshop

Friday, June 21

Teach your dog the skills needed for distance handling for the games of AAC Gamblers and CKC Points and Distance!

Dogs and handler will learn the "go on" cue (driving a line away from the handler), "get out" (a lateral push away from the handler), and "switch" (direction change away from the handler).  We will discuss how to handler distance sequences for consistency and understanding for your dog.  Skills will be practised on several novice distance sequences.

Jump and tunnels only will be used for this workshop. This workshop is ideal for any dog that has taken a level 2 agility class or higher.

Jessica Patterson
Agility Coaching Workshops

 June 7-9, September 7-9, and November 22-24 2019! 

June details:

$200+tax per session
$50+tax to audit a sessions (free auditing if you have a working spot in a session) 
$50 non refundable deposit due at time of registration.  Remaining balance due by May 31st.

Registration for each session will be completed on the calendar (link below).  $50 non refundable deposit is due at the time of registration and can be completed via paypal directly from the calender.  If you choose to pay the full amount at time of registration you can click "pay later" on the registration calendar and then either send an e transfer to [email protected] or click the paypal link below.  If you would prefer to do a deposit via e transfer click "pay later" and send the e transfer within 24 hours of registration on the calendar
If a session is full you can add yourself to the waitlist.  If a student drops out the calendar will automatically move you into the class.

All the sessions are different from each other.  Participants are welcome to register for more than one session  

*All the session except the International session will be held at the Hyper Hounds facility in SE Calgary.  The Friday afternoon international session will be outside at the Just 4 Dogs facility in Langdon


Friday, June 7th 

1:30pm-5:00pm *FULL*

International Handling

(held outside at Just 4 Dogs)


Foundations *FULL*

(Held at Hyper Hounds facility)

This is a continuation of the foundations session from February & April. If you did not attend the these session but would like to attend this one, please talk to Kim Boyes about getting caught up on the skills taught in session 1 & 2

Saturday, June 8th 


Masters Handling

(held at Hyper Hounds facility)


Novice Dog Handling

(held at Hyper Hounds facility)

Sunday, June 9th



(held at Hyper Hounds facility)


Novice Dog Handling

(held at Hyper Hounds facility)


$160 balance due by May 31 

(for those that paid a $50 deposit only)

$210 full payment 

(for individuals who would prefer to pay total owing up front)

$50 deposit or audit spot