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Scent Classes

Scent Detection Level 1 (canine nose work)

Start Date: TBA

Put your dog's sniffer to work!  The scent detection level 1 class will teach your dog how to perform container searches. Your dog will learn to search and alert you to the location of birch odour in boxes. You will learn how to read your dog's body language while searching and we will begin proofing the alert behaviour once your dog has found the hide.

This class is appropriate for dogs six months of age and older. 

Scent Detection Level 2

Start Date: TBA

Let's search a little harder! The level 2 class will introduce your dog to indoor, outdoor and vehicle searches. We will perform more difficult container searches with distractions in and around the boxes.  Your dog will also begin to learn new odours.

This class is appropriate for dogs who have mastered container searches and are ready for bigger scent challenges.

Scent Hurdle Racing

Start Date: TBA

Let the racing begin!  This class will teach your dog the components of scent hurdle racing.  Your dog will learn to run down a line of four jumps, retrieve a dumbbell with your scent on it, return back over the four jumps, and place the dumbbell in your hands. The dogs will also work on passing and racing drills.

This class is appropriate for dogs at least 8 months of age who have basic obedience skills.

Scent classes are six weeks long and $210+tax.  Each class is about an hour in length.  Payment is due at the time of registration via paypal or an e transfer.

Group classes are not appropriate for dogs with reactivity/aggression issues or other severe behaviour problems. If you have concerns regarding your dog's behaviour please contact us before registering for a class. Classes are non refundable and non transferable. You are encouraged to come out and watch a class before registering in a program.