Title Abbreviations


Canadian Kennel Club (CKC)

CGC: Canine Good Citizen
PCD: Pre-Companion Dog
CD: Companion Dog
CDI: Companion Dog Intermediate
CDX: Companion Dog Excellent
UD: Utility Dog
OTCH: Obedience Trial Champion
OTCHX: Obedience Trial Champion Excellent
MOTCH: Master Obedience Trial Champion
GMOTCH: Grand Master Obedience Trial Champion

United Kennel Club (UKC)

UCD: United Companion Dog
UCDX: United Companion Dog Excellent
UUD: United Utilitiy Dog
UOCH: United Obedience Champion
GOCH: United Grand Obedience Champion

American Kennel Club (AKC)

CGN: Canine Good Neighbour
CD: Companion Dog
CDX: Companion Dog Excellent
UD: Utility Dog
UDX: Utility Dog Excellent
OTCH: Obedience Trial Champion
OM: Obedience Master
OGM: Obedience Grand Master
NOC: National Obedience Champion


Canadian Kennel Club (CKC) & American Kennel Club (AKC)

RN: Rally Novice
RA: Rally Advanced
RE: Rally Excellent
RAE: Rally Advanced Excellent

Canadian Association of Rally Obedience (CARO)

RN: Rally Novice
RA: Rally Advanced
RE: Rally Excellent
RV: Rally Versatility
RNT: Rally Novice Team
RAT: Rally Advanced Team
RET: Rally Excellent Team
RVT: Rally Versatility Team
CRB: Caro Rally Bronze
CRS: Caro Rally Silver
CRG: Caro Rally Gold
CRMCH: Caro Rally Masters
CL: Cum Lauda  (added to title for scores that average 180-189.  ie: RACL)
MCL: Magnu Cum Lauda  (added to title for scores that average 190-200. ie: REMCL)

American Pet Dog Trainers Association (APDT)

RL1: Rally Level 1
RL2: Rally Level 2
RL3: Rally Level 3
ARCH: APDT Rally Champion
ARCHX: APDT Rally Champion Excellent
ARCHEX: APDT Rally Champion Extraordinaire

United Kennel Club (UKC)

URO1: United Rally Obedience 1
URO2: United Rally Obedience 2
URO3: United Rally Obedience 3
UROC: United Rally Obedience Champion


Canadian Kennel Club (CKC)

AGN: Agility Novice
AGI: Agility Intermediate
AGX: Agility Excellent
AGMX: Agility Master Excellent
AGNJ: Agility Novice Jumpers
AGIJ: Agility Intermediate Jumpers
AGXJ: Agility Excellent Jumpers
AGMXJ: Agility Master Excellent Jumpers
AGMCH: Agility Master Champion
(all titles above with "S" on the end is the "Selected" class)

Agility Association of Canada (AAC)

ADC: Agility Dog of Canada
AADC: Advanced Agility Dog of Canada
MADC: Master Agility Dog of Canada
SGDC: Starters Games Dog of Canada
AGDC: Advanced Games Dog of Canada
MGDC: Masters Gambler Dog of Canada
MTRDC: Masters Team Relay Dog of Canada
MJDC: Master Jumpers Dog of Canada
MSDC: Master Snooker Dog of Canada
MSCDC: Master Steaplechase dog of Canada
ATChC: Agility Trial Champion of Canada

North American Dog Agility Council (NADAC)

NAC: Novice Agility Certificate
OAC: Open Agility Certificate
EAC: Elite Agility Certificate
(For games titles: N=Novice, O=Open, E=Elite at the beginning or end of the title designates the level. ie NCC=novice chances)
_CC: Chances Certificate
_JC: Jumpers Certificate
TN-_: Tunnelers Certificate
TG-_: Touch-N-Go Certificate
WV-_: Weavers Certificate
HP-_: Hoopers Certificate
NATCH: NADAC Agility Trial Champion
Vers-NATCH: NADAC Versatility Champion
MEDAL: NADAC Agility Trial Medalist
Vers-MEDAL: NADAC Versatility Medalist

American Kennel Club (AKC)

NA: Novice Agility
OA: Open Agility
AX: Agility Excellent
MX: Master Agility Excellent
NAJ: Novice Agility Jumper
OAJ: Open Agility Jumper
AXJ: Excellent Agility Jumper
MXJ: Master Excellent Jumper
NF: Agility FAST Novice
OF: Agility FAST Open
XF: Agility FAST Excellent
MXF: Agility Master FAST Excellent
(all titles above with a "P" on the end: Preferred class)
FTC1: Agility FAST Century 1
FTCP1: Agility FAST Century 1 Preferred
MACH: Master Agility Champion
PAX: Preferred Agility Excellent
NAC: National Agility Champion


North American Flyball Association (NAFA)

FD: Flyball Dog (20 points)
FDX: Flyball Dog Excellent (100 points)
FDCh: Flyball Dog Champion (500 points)
FDCh-S: Flyball  Dog Champion-Silver (1000 points)
FDCh-G: Flyball Dog Champion-G (2500 points)
FM: Flyball Master (5000 points)
FMX: Flyball Master Excellent (10 000 points)
FMCh: Flyball Master Champion (15 000 points)
ONYX: ONYX (20 000 points)
FGDCh-30: Flyball Grand Champion 30 000 points


SHD: Scent Hurdle Dog (50 points)
SHDX: Scent Hurdle Dog Excellent (100 points)
SHDCh: Scent Hurdle Dog Champion (250 points)
SHDM: Scent Hurdle Dog Master (500 points)
SHDMX: Scent Hurdle Dog Master Excellent (1000 points)
SHDMCH: Scent Hurdle Dog Master Champion (2500 points)


Canadian Kennel Club (CKC)

TD: Tracking Dog
TDX: Tracking Dog Excellent
UTD: Urban Tracking Dog
UTDX: Urban Tracking Dog Excellent
TCh: Tracking Champion

American Kennel Club (AKC)

TD: Tracking Dog
TDX: Tracking Dog Excellent
VST: Variable Surface Tracking Dog
CT: Champion Tracker


Canadian Kennel Club (CKC)

HIC: Herding Instinct Certificate
HT: Herding Tested
HS: Herding Started
HI: Herding Intermediate
HA: Herding Advanced

American Kennel Club (AKC)

PT: Pre-Trial Tested
HT: Herding Tested
HS: Herding Started
HI: Herding Intermediate
HX: Herding Excellent
HCh: Herding Champion

American Herding Breed Association (AHBA)

HCT: Herding Capable Tested
JHD: Junior Herding Dog
_HTD1: Herding Trial Dog level 1
_HTD2: Herding Trial Dog level 2
_HTD3: Herding Trial Dog level 3
_HTAD1: Herding Trial Arena Dog level 1
_HTAD2: Herding Trial Arena Dog level 2
_HTAD3: Herding Trial Arena Dog level 3
HRD1: Herding Ranch Dog level 1
HRD2: Herding Ranch Dog level 2
HRD3: Herding Ranch Dog level 3
RLF1: Ranch dog Large Flock level 1
RLF2: Ranch Dog Large Flock level 2
RLF3: Ranch Dog Large Flock level 3
HTCh: Herding Trial Champion
(titles will have d-ducks, s-sheep, g-goats, c-cattle at beginning of title: ie SHTD1)


Canadian Kennel Club (CKC) & American Kennel Club (AKC)

IQ: Intro To Quarry
JE: Junior Earthdog
SE: Senior Earthdog
ME: Master Earthdog


Canine Freestyle Federation (CFF)

CFF I: Canine Freestyle Dog Level 1
CFF II: Canine Freestyle Dog Level 2
CFF III: Canine Freestyle Dog Level 3
CFF IV: Canine Freestyle Dog Level 4

CFF IT: Canine Freestyle Team Level 1
CFF IIT: Canine Freestyle Team Level 2
CFF IIIT: Canine Freestyle Team Level 3
CFF IVT: Canine Freestyle Team Level 4

CFF IB: Canine Freestyle Brace Level 1
CFF IIB: Canine Freestyle Brace Level 2
CFF IIIB: Canine Freestyle Brace Level 3
CFF IVB: Canine Freestyle Brace Level 4

Ch CFF IV: Champion Freestyle Dog
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